Tuesday, March 31, 2015

DRUG FREE ANARCHY by Colin Mulholland

Opinion: it has always been my opinionative statement that true anarchists do not buy nor' consume alcohol or tobacco. Alcohol and tobacco is placed with a taxation that is set by the IRS. But what exactly do the alcohol and tobacco taxes fund? Since 2004 they've helped fund they ATF (alcohol, tobacco, firearms and explosives commission). To an anarchist who's sole purpose is to subverse and abolish our government, why would you fund a government commission like this? One thats regulations is built on re-producing items that shorten a human's life span or even kills them? Truth is, we all pay a tax on food and things we need to survive, but why should you pay someone to kill you slowly? To put money in the pockets of Tobacco and alcohol lobbyists who don't even give a shit about you?  A friend of mine and I once had a conversation about this, and he feels that the only real solution would be to grow your own tobacco and still your own alcohol from home grown hops and barley. But the problem behind that is nobody is smart enough to want to learn these trades. The same grows true for the marijuana industry. The moment they legalize the stuff you know the IRS are going to tax the hell out of it and researchers are going to genetically modify gene strands. In reality, you would be better off. This whole topic is in relevance to those within the Anarcho- Punk Rock scene who write songs about abolishing government and all that good stuff, yet they're also writing songs about drinking Pabst Blue Ribbon and being drunk all the time (Example: The Casualties). Don't they know that all that does is prolong the mass embrace of succeeding in informing the general populous of serious atrocities our system should be found guilty of? But instead of doing these things, they drown their sorrows in soo much booze they can't even see straight enough, stand up long enough, or even talk properly enough to get one intellectual word out to the status quo? What this world need's is some drug free anarchy.

"Drug Free Anarchy" 2015* Colin Mulholland.


INTRODUCTION: The following piece was published on the 7'th of October 2014, after an altercation occurred between a friend of mine and a fellow (un-named and un-sourced) member of the vegan/ vegetarian community. My friend posted a really upsetting status dismissing all vegetarians and vegans as ignorant and pieces of shit. This piece was written in response. The asterisks (*) throughout this revised edition are editing notes, notes that were not previously stated during the publication's original debut. Thank you. -Colin Mulholand (31'st of March 2015)
 "It has been brought to my attention, that recent events transpired in which a fellow member of the vegetarian community has let loose a maelstrom of verbal assaults on a fellow acquaintance of mine of whom is not a vegetarian. These attacks of verbal hellfire in return sparked a devastating retork in which said acquaintance's outcome was only more verbal assaults, mainly aimed at the entire vegetarian community. It is my civic duty as vegetarian (*Now as of 2015 a Vegan) and animal rights activist to address and confront the situation.
 First and fore-most, I am ashamed of both parties in question for their continuum to bicker. But this is not a prosecution, this is a serving suggestion. A piece to serve some education to both parties as a suggestion or even a manifesto to prevent the re-occurrence of this situation again, and this can be applied to more than one persons of the same situation. This is for the many and the few. The largest form of education is through activism, there is no doubt about it.  Through feminism it is taught that women should have the most equal of rights that of any man, and for women to disown the the radical form of patriarchy, and most importantly to discard every form of portrayal (Society's, Media's, Hollywood's) depicting the "typical female role" and to love who they are on the outside. The Dali Llama once said "If women take more care of their inner beauty, lifetime of happiness!"
 Through the Gay Rights Movement it is taught that if something so naturally such as the attraction to the same sex feels so right, how can it be wrong? And the overall rejection, fear and purile hatred of said attraction (commonly known as homophobia, I put this in here because I think people forget it's real definition) is a downright form of discrimination. Then through vegetarian/ veganism, it is taught that the rights of mankind that we have been rightfully given, such as the Bill of Rights, the Emancipation Proclamation, and even those of the Civil Rights movement are invalid if the idea of us living, means the overall enslavement and torture of innocent animals for the benefit of our survival. We choose to eat vegetables, not only on the basis of saving a thousand plus lives every year, but also because they're pretty damn tasty.
 It cannot be denied we live in a world of conflict, everything is an argument. The ideals that society endeavor have shown. Through history, it has been proven that man is capable of the most evilest of wiles. The biggest of examples being Adolf Hitler and the holocaust (sadly Hitler was a vegetarian too, in the defense of the vegetarian community we cannot speak for everyone-every time and Hitler will NEVER be an exception) And being said, the acts that were portrayed during the holocaust may have been supported by the majority of the German community during that time, and a 10% elsewhere (Yes, there was even a fascist movement in America during that time, the largest being in Chicago.) So out of that ten percent came the rest of the world as I like the proclaim the 90%ers.  (*Mind you that is a guestimation and not an accurate estimation.)
 It is of the 90% in which my point comes to it's close, the acts portrayed are not always supported or even represented by an entire community. Whether it be the world (90%) against the Nazi Fascist Movement (10%) or The vegetarians against the meat eaters (percentages there make up about 50/50 but that's just my guess) we will never be able to find a common ground with each other. There is an old feminist saying: "We do not hate men, but simply ask for the equality of sexes" I want you to study that for a moment, take as long as you need to and apply it to any form of thinking you desire.
 The rules applied within that statement are the implications that need to be applied within veggie culture. "We do not hate the carnivores, but only wish to educate the general populous" TO EDUCATE. It is time for an educational re-evaluation of thought. IGNORANCE BREEDS IGNORANCE. Words can create terrible things, and that is why I have decided to write this, because of words said.  But which ever  way you "slice it" meat is in fact murder. It doesn't matter how you choose to ignore it, the fact of the matter is, the consumption of meat produces enablers, not murderers. The true murderers are the industrial animal farmers. But by your consumption of meat you are indeed enabling murder to happen. Worse yet, you are paying for it to happen and therefore are capitalizing and endorsing murder.
 My biggest problem isn't with all the meat eaters, I know many who are very supportive of my life choice, and there are many out there. Like for example there are vegetarians who are accepting of others' choice to eat meat, as much as we may not like it, we are very suggestive of the alternative switch over to organic and free range meats as apposed to processed and industrialized meats. (*Though I oppose the idea of "Humane Meat" for there is no such thing)  My real problem is with the ignoramuses who claim meat is "delicious murder". It is those sorts of people we must disassociate ourselves from. There is no helping them.  Now remember when I said, "Ignorance breeds ignorance."  The moment you try to argue with a far gone mind with their standard set of "morals," conflict is bound to erupt.
 It is not wise to continue to argue a point you think is worth fighting for when the battle itself is worthless. Animal's lives are a serious battle to fight for, and totally worth it. But the anxiety of a losing battle is not worth fighting for. We must remember the words of the almighty Lao Tzu when he said: "He who speaks does not know, but he who does not speak in fact knows." These words are in refference to the Dao and Daoism. But can be applied to whichever situation is most relevant. But to sum it up, you already know where your morals stand, leave them where they lie, in the caverns of your heart and soul. For you my friend have been right all along. "He will win who knows when to fight and when not to fight" -Sun Tzu#
(# I'm trying to keep this as femme friendly as possible I swear...)
 All things I have previously stated can be applied to both sides, what both sides need to remember is, within an argument you must both ask yourselves: "Did I start this?", "Why?", and "Was it worth the trouble?" If you started an argument to which the flames of that fire you have no desire to put out yourself, do not complain when an offense is tossed your way and the fire escalates beyond control.  For those who seek no confrontation it is the same thing we have heard since youth, be the better person and simply walk away. Avert the situation positively. Let the guilty wither in their ego.
 The real key is coexistence, through coexistence we can peak interest. Once there is interest we can apply education. Once we apply education we can breed knowledge.  For knowledge is power, live the life you see as fit. And please, for the love of my universal God, stop stepping on toes! For two wrongs don't make a right, IGNORANCE BREEDS IGNORANCE, and hate is a four letter word. But so is LOVE. And we must learn to love each other, for that is the only way we can achieve peace, fertility, and unity.
      -Colin Mulholland.

Monday, March 30, 2015

COSMETIC PLAGUE by Colin Mulholland

Maybe she was born with it... or maybe it was the result of Nuclear radiation burns. Fuck Nuclear war. We all know that in this day in age cosmetic companies would just love to rush to her side and use her tragedy as means for capitalist gain. "We've got a cream for that", "We've got a cover up for that", "We've got an injection for that", they don't give a shit about her-just her money.

Thursday, March 26, 2015



Began during the Reagan years when an unknown, unidentified and un curable disease had broke out amongst the Gay community, upon which Gay Rights activist and author of "The Celluloid Closet" Vito Russo and many others would tragically become amongst the many who's lives would be claimed by this dreaded disease. During the late eighties AIDS was originally labeled as GRID (Gay Related Immune Deficiency) as a way to degrade homosexuals. President Ronald Reagan, as you all know, was a God fearing Republican and refused to use government funding to help find a cure. The horrors that would soon to come fill TV screens in America's homes would look nothing short of what was seen during the Nazi's ethnic cleansing of the Jewish faith during world war 2 aka The Holocaust. Men who were nothing but skeletal remains filled the screen. In the introduction to the popular graphic novel "V for Vendetta" by Allan Moore and David Lloyd, it was explained that Britain and in parts of Europe-there were talks of even creating internment camps for homosexuals with the threat of GRID spreading across the ocean... this really happened! But then the first cases of GRID to which non-homosexuals were related broke out. Then more research came about it's actuality and it was later renamed AIDS (Acquired immunodeficiency syndrome). Bush stepped into office and then cures started coming out, but it wasn't cheap, and nor was it easy to obtain... Vito Russo said in a later interview that you were to be placed on a waiting list and that you wouldn't get a response for up to a year. No thanks to Reagan and his Holocaust.

"REAGAN'S HOLOCAUST" by Colin Mulholland.
Currently in the news: Indiana Governor Mike Pence has signed a bill stating that businesses have the right to reject ALL homosexuals services. The bill, from what it sounds like, is a huge attempt to exclude ALL gays and expel them from the state. This caught the attention of and enraged gay rights activist and former Star Trek star George Takei:


                                "Death, reincarnation, and God without Religion"
                                                     By: Colin Mulholland

I've had this idea for the longest time, and this idea came about to me after reading Lao Tzu's "Tao Te Ching" that we are all connected universally and physically. For awhile I couldnt put my finger on how, but I knew with long meditation and research it would soon come gradually. Eventually (a little over a year to be exact) I decided to renounce religion all together, but I couldnt live my life without the idea of believing in a God. So with deep thought I came to this conclusion; that God, cannot be neither man or woman for God does not exist as a physical being, so therefore it's gender cannot be determined. But I pondered on further, and asked myself: "what if God's existence was one of universal preportions?" I then grabbed a pen and paper (see figure one) and drew a circle and on the outside wrote "God" and on the inside I wrote "Universe" (important factoid to remember is that this does not just include ours, this includes the millions of billions that are beyond Pluto, and are behind the sun.) Than I concluded my drawing with an X in the middle of it all symbolising the connectivity between all organisms. This explained how god is the very end of the universe, the very borderline in which all planetary forces ceased to be. Since the universe is ever expanding and technically never ending, the very idea of God being within each and every one of us, and when we die we become god like was a very overwhelming ultimatum.

  This explained God, but did not explain the connection (in full) between species,  of nature, and of the universe. Weeks to months passed by and to no end, I battled with this endeavor. Than a few things dawned on me. The idea of String Theory (In physics, string theory is a theoretical framework in which the point-like particles of particle physics are replaced by one-dimensional objects called strings. String theory aims to explain all types of observed elementary particles using quantum states of these strings. And is often used in thesis to explain the connectivity humanity has to the universe) which would explain the connectivity between humans and the universe. Than the idea that when we cease to live our bodies decompose back to the earth as soil. My 7'th grade science teacher once told my class that we are all matter that fills up space within our infinite universe. The matter in which fills this space includes a certain percentage of live organisms (Humans, animals etc...) It is MY belief, that depending on the rate of a bodies' decomposing rate (whether through natural burial or cremation) that at the end of ones decay, that it is at that very moment, the moment in which through our connection with String Theory and our bodies' connectivity with matter and the universe, that the moment our body has offered all it has left-that will be the exact moment matter ommits a transfferable energy and is the very moment a man's sperm and a woman's egg conceive and the process of reincarnation begins. And thus, phenomena  such as deju vu, reaccuring dreams can all be explained through such a theory.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

HUMAN BILLBOARDS by Colin Mulholland

Humanity has always been of use to the rich and the powerful's game. The weakest of minds, those who follow and abide by every which person they heed to, are the easiest subjects for the government to manipulate. The media, and that includes the antagonists at FOX News, will fixate on what current blunder should be of repetitive use. What is it that will make them look good and the others look bad? Than our society succumbs to hearsay, nothing you hear is real. There is no external link to reference the legality of what is being said. Therefore we become, in practical sense, human billboards to mindless propaganda.
"Human Billboard" 2015* Colin Mulholland.

HER BODY MATTERS TOO by Colin Mulholland

Feminism is the fight against the culmination of female subjection. But have we ever stopped to think about female subjection of non human animals? We need to work to make feminism not just about human female animals but ALL female animals.