Monday, June 29, 2015


As a feminist I believe there is nothing wrong with liking things as typically described as "guy stuff" or "girl stuff" if you identify with that gender and believe that is your standard than by all means go for it. As a guy I like motorcycles, making fart jokes, and hockey. But a girl can like and do that stuff too you know, as much as a stereotypically "girly"sediment like baking cakes, the color pink, shopping and fashion can be performed and admired by guys. But who the h...ell says it's anybody's authority to make these things gender specific like as if it's some sort of social club where that gender cannot be allowed in? And even worse is teaching your children that because these things are done by a specific gender means they are forbidden to do it. Gender rolling is a fucking disease. The right to like something should be naturally chosen, and if by some force of nature they choose what is to be Boy or Girl accessible and they are of that gender than that should be fine. And even if they reverse roles who are you to judge them? Who are you to tell them what's right or wrong in their little hearts? Gay, straight, transgender, boy, girl, or whatever else, it's your job to protect and support the ones you love regardless.

A lot of people are getting annoyed with the rainbow over lays on people's facebook profiles, and the point (to me) isn't because a lot of people are homophobic, but I think the point to some though is, how do you know who's really a supporter of gay rights, and who's pretending? Who's just being a poser because it's a fad. And if it is a fad, why do you need a fad to show your support? A true supporter shows their ideals through words not by pasting a rainbow over their picture on social media and hash tagging Love Wins. How do you think the decision was made in the first place? People got up off their buts and protested, and even if they were on their butts they spent time petitioning online and writing articles, not just on social media but on blogs, and websites. Like yours truly for example.