Tuesday, May 12, 2015


This was the video a friend of mine posted today (click to view here), the video you are about to see is pure ignorance to all open thought and is proof that most Americans do not, and will not listen to anybody with opposing opinions. The barrage of "USA,USA!" chants is just a sign of how brainwashed most American Republicans/ Democrats are. The video by the way is actually over a year old when the problem with Islamic terrorist group ISIS had just gotten started and many Islamic college students across the country were being accused of being apart of such group. The speech that the student was supposed to give (as from what you can hear, which is not a lot) was about falsely accusing people for  things they have no understanding of, and as you will see, the crowd had zero understanding and he was bombarded with water bottles, and garbage as police escorted him away from the vicious crowd. I have much respect for this man for standing up for what he believes in, especially against an overwhelming crowd of idiots.

People like that, waving the flag and yelling "USA" and water bombing a guy for only trying to speak his mind about a highly critical issue only makes you wonder more how useless that flag is. A piece of cloth made in China that people worship like their bible WHICH if they were smarter would know that it says in the ten commandments you shall not worship false idols or symbols. And the American flag in this century has become more and more of a negative symbol to others across the globe. I'm sure people in Russia and in Germany and in Africa and South America look at us more like we did the Nazi Flag and the USSR's. The American people are so… brainwashed. It's the only real word to describe them. That when the truth seekers and American analysts call out the system, including the government, military, and police on all their crimes against human rights the American people in turn do this. It's despicable.

That's the kind of attitude that won't fix things. Whether your for it or against it. Forget the flag issue for a moment and the people doing the acts, it's the issues that are causing people to do it that matter more. If you don't want people burning the flag than maybe instead of ignoring the issue at hand and getting pissed about the people's retaliation, making people aware of the bigger picture issues will in turn make people stop watching what's on FOX and get off their ass and do something to end the violence at the hands of police, military and the government so people won't burn the fucking flag or walk on it. You don't have to go to a protest, but just word of mouth and showing the videos will in turn make others want to be active. Knowing is half the battle. But ignoring the state of a nation makes people as ignorant as the police killing innocent people. Your taxes pay for this mess.

The unfortunate circumstances of police brutality has set us all the way back to the Watts Riots of 1965. That is setting our country a long way back! Where now white Americans are starting to question peaceful black power movements and are reclaiming the ignorant "white power" in defense. A lot of the people I talked to about where that phrase come from don't even care. They said "fuck history!", and when people refuse to learn from history it's bound to repeat! And it has! And nobody cares to fix it. Except the people like me and you who try their best to be vigilant and make people aware. But it's hard to make believe that not all Muslims are terrorists, or that the government is corrupt, or that the police do not care about your protection, or that the military doesn't defend our country but rather the interests of the politicians. All we can do is try.

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