Tuesday, May 12, 2015

TRUTH IN THE WAGE WAR by Colin Mulholland

(NOTE: The following article was written on 4/17/2014 and 5/12/2014. and has been edited and published for your enjoyment)


In attempt at raising the minimum wage, the plan Obama and his staff are trying to initiate, is the idea of demolishing the middle class. It will just be a society of Rich and poor where the poor depend on the rich for food stamps, welfare and all these other programs which are, don't get me wrong very useful and helpful, BUT are abused and given to the wrong people. People who truly need these things are getting rejected because the government see's anybody making $9hr as financially stable, but the harsh reality is there is nine dollars an hour doesn't really scratch the surface after taxes. Then there is Obamacare, the plan that is for the super elite democratic and republican societies. Healthcare plans for the upper middle class to dirty stinking rich people. This inlays the whole full circle for the minimum wage raise. If they make the working class rich, then there will be no need for a middle class. But that's such a waste of time and effort, because if they raise the minimum wage every single thing will be raised. Food, tuition, utilities, and all these things society can barely afford by a thread. The only thing that will change is the monetary statute. The state in which we can afford things will not change. Just class. This is the class war. Now I have had a meeting with a woman who explained the affordable healthcare plans to me. It goes by your monthly household income. The best I could have gotten was something through Unity Point Clinics (Which use to be St Luke's) Which could have only been $20 a month. A $10 copay for when you are checking out of the hospital and A 70/ 20 coverage. Which was really impressive. It would have been more impressive if we were given the right to choose.


All I can say to America is... I hope you're happy, and also I hope you all know what is bound to happen. The moment the wage gets raised to $10hr (*At the time, and currently still the amount people are fighting for) small businesses will start the process of eliminating anybody who is part time or considered not "worth having the job." This will eventually mean that people who've been with that company for years will lose their jobs. If that process doesn't succeed then the worst case scenario is bankruptcy from the lack of funding to pay their employees and eventually the business will shut down, leaving hundreds of middle class workers jobless. Why does this bother me so much?
Why am I content with the wage that we have now and why do others feel it's time for a change? I don't oppose a wage raise, but this raise is too high! Not every single business is ready, or even able to comply! How do you not all see the negative folly into what a disaster the fallout of millions of small businesses like the company I've worked for eight years will bring? So I hope the moment that you're still on the job and gleefully spending your weeks pay while others are filing for unemployment, food stamps, and SSI because that's exactly what the government is wanting to happen. The abolition of a middle class to make way for a society where the poor depend on the rich. George Orwell, Noam Chomsky, and so many others were right all along.

 Even Jesse Ventura's producer on his show "Off The Grid" once said that for every person the wage raise pulls out of poverty it sends that same amount into poverty. So I hope you all enjoy the paychecks you receive, I also hope that one day the thought of knowing that the money you're receiving could have helped benefit somebody who really needed it when things were bad eats you alive. If you believe that's what the wage raise was all about you don't even know he half of the truth....


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